Randomness of the Past 10 Days

Christmas Journey to Buffalo

Men Bond, Women Gossip

Random Thoughts So Close to Christmas...

Why Is It...

Chapter from Bridget Jones

That's My Boy!

Every Dog Has Its Day

The King and Not I

It's Lonely NOT Being a Lemming

Spending Time in Seaside

Florida and "B" Movies

Hitching to a Falling Star

A Most Unusual Place

Mango Inn ~ Lake Worth, Fla

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Sushi 101 - Sushi Chef Jenn

Sushi 101 - The Final Product

My Ever Changing Mood

Do Real Men Write Notes?

You're Overdue in Cleaning Your Laundry When...

And So the Mood Changed

It's Going to be a Bad Hair Day

St Marks Wildlife Refuge

Birth of a New Life

Julianna Baggott: A Somebody

Full Circle for the Mandala

Almost Done

Food for the Soul

And on the Third Day

QKGirl at the Speed of Light

Peace is Tangible

Let Me 'Splain My Interest...

The Buddhists Are Here!

A Fair to (kind of) Remember


Catching Up With My Past

Checking In

Shouldn't Life Be at This Pace?

Ue O Muite Arukoo...

The DIY In Me

UPDATED Nov. 6, 2005: New York in 1,860 Minutes

First Year Anniversary Following "I Do"

Reconnecting With a Certain Guy

Being the SSSS Girl

John Crawford: The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell

Are We All That Different?

Are We All That Different - 2

It's Not a Black Thing But a Family Thang

Hurricane Katrina Meets the Everlgades

Images of Katrina

Ripple Effect of Hurricane Katrina

Oh, the Irony

New York City: Here I Come (Again)

When I Was First Bitten

Things I Did This Weekend

Finding My Way In Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland

Wired - 24/7

Nashville Fling

These Boots Were Made for Flyin'

Midnight Motion Pictures

Eye of the Beholder

Now I See

What Does It All Mean?

Nuthin' Much

Showing Up is 90% of the Work


Things That Can Bump You in the Dark...

Stalactites Hang Down...

UPDATED Nov. 6, 2005: Bogging Through Apalachicola National Forest