Things I Did This Weekend

This weekend was fairly low-key. Besides being sick (following my first road trip with my new job), I took it easy by unpacking, visiting the Caribbean Festival downtown, setting up my PC AND sewing machine and making some necklaces (pictured here).

I tried to write some poetry, too, but couldn't get anything to come together. I've been so empty of negative emotion and unable to cry that I thought poetry would be another avenue to express what I'm feeling. It's as though when I get a negative or depressing thought and feel myself spiral into a pit of sadness, the negativity/depression is repelled away, like two magnets coming together. Those two magnets never touch but you can feel the repulsion as you try harder to make them meet.

I also contemplated the fact that "blue" is a truly underrated color. You don't hear of the "perfect blue little dress" or a song called, "The Lady in Blue." It's actually a very complementary color on many people, especially those with blue eyes.