New York City: Here I Come (Again)

OK, I'm really excited about this. While IM-ing with ZeldaMae last night, she told me about the New Yorker Festival begin held Sept. 23 - 25. It's "a public discourse of arts and ideas." All sorts of writers (Stephen King) and journalists (Christiane Amanpour - no Anderson Cooper, though - damn!) and other members of the arts world (Mikhail Baryshnikov and Ric Ocasek); of course, writers from the New Yorker, too.

I redeemed some miles for a first class flight and will be staying in a hostel (ironic, I know) - I'm looking to make this a cheap and cheery weekend, which it will be. I dropped one of my sisters a line (because I don't have the other sister's email!) to see if she wanted to come into the City that weekend. It would be fun if she did.


Anonymous said…
New York City! I want to come too.
But I will be in the big city of Ridgecrest, CA. attending a '49er meeting. Now which of us will have for fun. :)

You go, Girl. I fell in love with NYC during Pow Wow. Madly in love.
When I went to South Carolina last month, I on purpose got a flight that had a 4 hour layover in Newark, NJ. At least I could "feel" NYC and wave at it. And I did. Of course, had to have a Nathan's Hot Dog too.
Have a wonderful time, Kitschy Girl!