And on the Third Day

I trotted down to the museum today to see how the visiting Buddhist monks were coming along. The vibrant colors and precise detail is inspiring. The artists were eating lunch in a room next door. One hand held a bowl of noodles while the other manipulated chopsticks. Brought back memories of Japan.

I then wondered if they felt like I did while on my month-long journey. Wondered if they felt like a paraded spectacle, surrounded by strange faces and language. Wondered if they smiled and nodded in agreement in response to funny yacking, and not knowing what they are agreeing to (once, I nodded in agreement and found myself naked in a public bath). I wondered if they looked for familiar faces in a sea of strangeness, like I would while walking the streets of rural Japan. And upon finding one, I stretched my neck to make eye contact and share a moment of unspoken empathy.

Each of our missions are the same, create pockets of peace.

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