A Most Unusual Place

I wear art, not jewelry. My adornments are found at festivals, off-beat shops, flea markets and last week, the car rental counter. Approaching the counter, the clerk stared at my neck. She said she was noticing my necklace. I replied, "thanks, but I hope it's because you like it and not because it's odd."

Raising her index finger, she told me to, "hold that thought" and disappeared into the back. She returned with a little black bag, pulled out a little plastic bag with silver and chips of glass beads. She poured the bag onto the counter so I could see how similar it was to mine.

Turns out, her sister in Cartagena, Columbia, designs and creates the jewelry. Helena (the clerk) said it's something called, "kortz." (I Googled it but couldn't find anything on it). Her sister adorns these beads on denim jeans, skirts and jackets. The price was right and I couldn't resist making a purchase. Helena is making a trip early next year to bring back more and will let me know when she returns. Anyone interested?