A Fair to (kind of) Remember

North Florida Fair

Tonight I experienced another one of Tallahassee's cultural attractions, the North Florida Fair. I used to love going to the local county fair when growing up in Buffalo. I've never been a fan of the midway - the rides and games - but more into the exhibits and livestock (ok, I'm a big geek!). I went with a group of friends tonight and although I didn't get to see any of the exhibits (we were too late to see them), I did have a good time.

Who wouldn't love the fair - the aroma of fair food - meats on sticks, fried doughs and wisp of sugary clouds (aka: cotton candy); the people watching - gals wearing 5" stiletto heals and their guys wearing sunglasses at 11 PM; breathtaking rides to replicate the feeling of flying.

My two highlights of the evening:

  • "The Barrel of Death" (or something like that). Two former stunt men road motorcycles on the interior of a giant wooden barrel. According to them, since their jobs are so dangerous, health insurance won't cover them so tips are appreciated, however, they earn their tips (like a stripper, I suppose). With my dollar bill folded in half and wrist rested on the metal cable circling the top of the barrel, one of the stunt men road a go-cart looking thing (and I think powered by a lawn mower engine) at some ridiculously high speed and grabbed mine and other dollars. I have to admit, I thought this was going to be cheesy but was pretty impressive to see.
  • A deep-fried Twinkie. I had heard about this and finally got to taste the curiosity. For $3.00, I received a hot, deep-fried Twinkie (which was dipped in batter, then fried) sprinkled with powered sugar. Have to admit, it was "yum-o."

Ah, the fair. Can't wait until the next one...