Midnight Motion Pictures

The whole concept of dreams fascinate me. Not the kind where you hope for something then it comes to fruition, but those that happen during the REM period. I often wonder if they are premonitions or just avenues to live out our dreams and wishes. Or, a way to vent our frustrations and confront fears.

And what does it mean when there are recurring people in our dreams? Especially people who you haven't consciously thought about in years suddenly appear in your personal, late night motion picture. Or recurring themes - for years I've dreamt of exploring beyond my parent's woods and discovering a castle with cemetery. Is it because I always wondered what was beyond the borders?

Or emotions - I've had dreams of varying intensities. Usually following the ending of personal relationships, I have a dream that brings me closure and allows me to move on. But what happens when I don't have that dream bringing me closure?

I have felt intense sadness in a dream and thought I was crying but woke up laughing. Last night my dream dealt with frustration and disappointment and when I awoke, my body was extremely tense. The dream disturbed me and took me an hour to go back to sleep and dream about venomous river otters...