Christmas Journey to Buffalo

My trip home for Christmas was nice. It's always nice to go home for the holidays. The travel itself was much better than last year's - no snow storms, no Comair Computer Snafus, no sitting stranded in an airport (oh, but I do have an intentional four hour layover today!). Anyway...

A day was spent at Lizzy's day spa and salon for a facial, eyebrow wax (ouch!) and new hair color (yeah, that's me, on the right. Lizzy is a miracle worker, but couldn't do anything about the little bulge under my chin - I need to take care of that. And do you think I was able to recreate that hair style the next morning? NO! But maybe with a little practice, I'll get somewhat close).

Also spent some brief time with my friend Annette and the rest was with my immediate family.

"Why is there a photo of a doll?" you may ask. Well, recall the post about the BK's King? There are a few things that spook me when I go home. One is that bathroom window where the peeping tom peered through. The other are two, life-size dolls who once lived with my grandma and my Mom adopted/inherited them. In order to head up to my bedroom, I had to pass this one every night - and no matter if the area around it was lit or dim, shivers always ran up my spine and I quickly made my way up the stairs. It must be the stoic, plastic face.


Anonymous said…
Wow! The New JENN! I love it.
Sophisticated woman.

Go, Jenn!

Anonymous said…
I'm lovin' the hair, Jenn!