Almost Done

Yesterday, I brought a couple of colleagues with me to see the Buddhist monks work on their masterpiece. We walked from the office through Tallahassee's downtown to the Mary Brogan - it was a sunny, crisp fall day - a day made for walking. I'm glad we walked - not only for the exercise benefit but better able to see more of the town's nooks.

And on this day, we were among the largest group of spectators to the process that I've seen this week. Maybe word has spread throughout town. I'm glad more people were there - I was starting to feel like a stalker!

This afternoon, the vibrant mandala will be dismantled and dispersed at Lake Ella. The monks then return to the museum to bless the women participating in Goddess night (nope - I'm not participating in that, although, if I had planned better, I would have considered it).

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