What Does It All Mean?

Today in the office, a journalist asked if there was a scientific reason why Florida sunsets are so vibrant. According to Florida International University there is a scientific reason. The ocean light is suspended by salt particles and water vapor reflect and causes brilliant sunsets. As for the top 10 locations for a Florida sunset? Anywhere looking west.

Then I went shopping alongside the mall-rats, feeling worse about myself. I had intentions of buying a DVD player - so I could watch my pilates DVDs on a TV screen vs. my laptop - since I have room to stretch out, but ended up purchasing two movies ("Like Water for Chocolate" and "Eternal Sunshine"), no clothing and no DVD player. The advantage about living in a college town is that "things" seem a bit more affordable. The disadvantage about living in a college town is that you're surrounded by young twenty-somethings and are reminded of the laws of gravity. *sigh*

Arriving home, I had a bizarre package waiting for me. It was a padded envelope with the return address of the place where my mail used to go. The gal there opens my mail then forwards the "real" stuff to me. In this week's envelope was a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. No note. No clue. Nothing. So, I don't know if the shipping gal just decided to send me some ears or if someone mailed them to me and she threw the envelope away. Very strange. At least now I have a matching set!

And will they or won't they? I'm confused. Last week Bush stated he didn't have an answer when the troops would return from Iraq, only when Iraq is ready (paraphrasing). A few days later, while Bush is vacationing in Texas, there's talk that the troops will begin pulling out in the spring - about 20,000 of the 120,000+ that are stationed. Yesterday, following the al-Zawahri video, Bush said the US will stay in Iraq and complete the job. (Could he be a "flip-flopper?" Nooo, Republicans wouldn't do that!)

What is the definition of complete anyway? The fact that we went in and destroyed Iraq and captured Hussein, that completed something, didn't it? And all the lives affected directly and indirectly by the war. The Iraqi and Afghan lives - lost and changed. Those State-side who physically lost loved ones while others lost loved ones in other, non-tangible ways.

Our government seems to offer a support network for Iraq and those Americans directly impacted by the war. But what about the rest who are going through a transition due to an indirect impact of the war on terror and are not receiving assistance from the government - a government that caused the change - when will the transition be complete? Of course, maybe it all doesn't matter.