Peace is Tangible

Sacred Sand Mandala Day 2

I was surprised to see the progress the Buddhist monks have been making on the sand mandala today. Big difference from 24 hours earlier.

When I first arrived, the monks were taking a lunch break so I started talking to another woman who was taking it in. It was interesting speaking to her and learning that she and her family have lived in Tallahassee for about 17 years, yet she says it's difficult to find out about things going on. Hmmm, a spark was reignited in me...

Once the artists returned from their break, they continued to work on the mandala for peace. They take two hallow, metal tubes and place the sand in one. They then hold the sand-filled tube over an area and use the second to lightly tap the sand out and create a design. It was incredible to see the precise detail in a lotus flower - the dimension and look of texture.

Since I've made it a goal to visit daily, I'm considering changing my weekend plans...

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