Nuthin' Much

Well, I have nothing much to say right now, my mind feels like mush. I'm really enjoying my job but I work a solid 8 hours (plus break), balancing assignments. A new project is to plan 10 meetings throughout the state between now and October and have it complete by next week. At least the days fly by.

I was asked today what my weekend plans were and I replied, "I don't know."

The air was sucked out of the room by the questioner as she gasped with surprise.

What I need to do is just get organized. Both mentally and physically. For the past few weeks I haven't done that, focusing on story deadlines. I need to go through my email inboxes - 90 emails to sort through - that's why I haven't responded to most everyone! And find some storage units for my place, like bookshelves, filing cabinet, etc. so I can put away my "stuff."

I do want to share this little piece that I picked up in the daily news clips (what this has to do with Florida tourism, I have no idea). While working in Yellowstone one summer, I had a fascination with llamas so this story caught my eye. Enjoy!

Llamas Scare Austrian Drivers