Now I See

Last week I felt like crap. I was tired and had to drag myself out of bed each morning. My whole body and mental state felt run down. I attributed it to the busy weekend I had earlier, but after 8 and 9 hours of sleep each night, I still felt horrible.

I had an eye exam yesterday and my blood pressure was measured. The top number was 25 points higher than it was 2 months ago. This explained why I was feeling miserable. After having my pupils dilated and driving around town like a freak (because I had to wear a black, plastic sheet over my eyes and under my glasses - but, it look very "80's-band-like") I went to the drug store and paid out of pocket for my medication that I haven't been taking. Long story but it has to do with changing jobs and being cancelled by my previous insurance - although I signed up for COBRA and the new one doesn't kick in until October.

I also attribute it to the natural stress of relocating and starting a new job. As my friend Barb, who now lives in Petrified Forest National Park, pointed out a couple of months ago, with all the life changes that have happened to me within the past year, it's natural for my stress level to be high.

I stocked up on soy products and other "healthy" eating options and maybe it's a state of mind, but I'm feeling better.