Checking In

I really don't have much to say - well, I actually do. There's a lot to say, but it's all clogged, or choked. A bit of numb apathy, too. I just know I need to find some sort of personal motivation. I have some, and I'm moving forward in reaching my personal goals. I want more, I'm impatient.

I have spent some time with family and friends over the past few months, and those were good. With people I don't get to see everyday. I received a surprised package from a Yellowstone buddy, much needed after a draining week following Hurricane Wilma. A squirrel is storing its acorns in my car. What's in store next? We'll see.


Anonymous said…
Hey there, Girlfriend. Buckle up and come see us! You need a break in the action or lack of.

'49ers are coming in droves and the place is jumping.

Did you ever see a billboard that says "Life is Fair"?

Lots of love and hugs.