Monday, September 03, 2007

Priceless Images: Images from the Anniversary Party

Okay, I'm done uploading the images from the big anniversary party and hope I got everyone who was there (well, I probably didn't so sorry about that!). Feel free to log in, yes, log in, I'm protecting the innocent (just kidding, I couldn't get the video uploaded so the innocent are forever protected.)

Anniversary party, Aug. 2007 - enjoy!

Can I Get Ahead by Finding Jobs in Edinburgh?

Not too long ago, one of the morning news programs ran a story about women getting ahead in their careers by going abroad. Hmmm, I've actually thought about that and if I were on the prowl for a career change, I'd be searching for jobs in Edinburgh. Why Edinburgh, Scotland, you may ask? Well, in my "other life," (life pre-VF), I used to travel abroad and had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Scotland's grand capital.

Nearby Dumferline is a Twin City (Sister City) to Sarasota and I spent the day meeting with government officials and educating others about my destination. Although lovely, Dumferline is a bit quaint for me and I’d have a better chance finding jobs in Edinburgh which fit my needs.

Tourism is important in the Edinburgh. While actively not looking for jobs in Edinburgh during my brief visit, I hopped on a double-decker bus in November (brrrr is right!) I remember learning about fairy tales, roaming through a cemetery near dusk and the kind hospitality of the Scottish. Plus, I'd be able to wear wool almost everyday! Oh, and I remember I bad bout with food poisoning and I learned never to eat coconut-curry seafood again.

Ah, the dream to live across the pond, now I just need some time to search for jobs in Edinburgh, thanks to my friends at Gumtree.

Photo note: Me with Dunferline city officials (near Edinburgh) in 2003(?)

Arrr! Pirates on My Mind

Ahoy, me mateys! My weekend of labor has been most enjoyable, albeit it's winding down. Friday night was a writing frenzy with Saturday and Sunday devoted to cleansing my apartment: everything from removing the icky spider webs from the corners to dusting the base boards - yes, a rare moment of cleaning for me.

I did take time out to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" over at the buck twenty-five theatre. I'd seen the first one but not the second, which is probably why I was lost through most of the third flick. But, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow was delicious as usual so I'm not too disappointed.

Being in the pirate mood, I made an impulse purchase at Tallahassee's Avon store and purchased a pair of silver skull and crossbones earrings. I later learned about the 2007 Tybee Island Pirate Fest Oct. 5 & 6, 2007 (over by Savannah, for you Georgia-geographically-challenged-landlubbers). I'd loooove to go if I can wrangle up any other swashbucklers to join me. Anyone? Anyone?

And all this talk of pirates reminds me to remind you, my loyal reader(s) about Sept. 19 being International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It's not too late for you to practice the basic "A's" of pirate-talk. Argh!

Note on the photo: Taken Sept. 2006 in Salem, Mass.