Can I Get Ahead by Finding Jobs in Edinburgh?

Not too long ago, one of the morning news programs ran a story about women getting ahead in their careers by going abroad. Hmmm, I've actually thought about that and if I were on the prowl for a career change, I'd be searching for jobs in Edinburgh. Why Edinburgh, Scotland, you may ask? Well, in my "other life," (life pre-VF), I used to travel abroad and had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Scotland's grand capital.

Nearby Dumferline is a Twin City (Sister City) to Sarasota and I spent the day meeting with government officials and educating others about my destination. Although lovely, Dumferline is a bit quaint for me and I’d have a better chance finding jobs in Edinburgh which fit my needs.

Tourism is important in the Edinburgh. While actively not looking for jobs in Edinburgh during my brief visit, I hopped on a double-decker bus in November (brrrr is right!) I remember learning about fairy tales, roaming through a cemetery near dusk and the kind hospitality of the Scottish. Plus, I'd be able to wear wool almost everyday! Oh, and I remember I bad bout with food poisoning and I learned never to eat coconut-curry seafood again.

Ah, the dream to live across the pond, now I just need some time to search for jobs in Edinburgh, thanks to my friends at Gumtree.

Photo note: Me with Dunferline city officials (near Edinburgh) in 2003(?)


Anonymous said…
So, go to Edinburgh, get a job AND a master's degree.

Googling "u.s. jobs in scotland" you find this job that you undoubtedly qualify for:

Googling "university of edinburgh" you get

Would not a master's from the University of Edinburgh be a big career boost?

If you're going to do it, now's the time! Go for it!
Anonymous said…
btw, McAfee SiteAdvisor mcafee free siteadvisor says use caution with gumtree; mcafee lists as the reason 287 email/week. Be aware.
jhuber7672 said…
Hey Charless: thanks for stopping by and the resources in Edinburgh. I'll do a bit more research, I'm not getting any younger :)