Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What I Did to Stimulate the Economy Today: April 15, 2009

Get your taxes done? Feels as though it's been eons since I paid mine this year. Beside the point, I carried out my patriotic duty in stimulating the economy with:
  • Fuel
  • Veggie Farm Share
  • Run through Chick-fil-A (chicken salad sandwich, nothing fried!)
Anyone else out there stimulate the economy today?

Worden Farm: Week 20, 2009 Farm Share: Final Veggies Box

All good things come to an end and today I picked up my last organic veggie share from Worden Farm in Punta Gorda, Fla. It's been a delicious 20 weeks of fresh, organic vegetables and occasional fruits. It was like Christmas each week when opening my box, unsure what yummy goodness was waiting for me.I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't utilize the contents as much as I should have, I had originally planned to eat three meals a day, all week with the contents, but I let time control me and ate out too much (especially at fast food joints) over the past few months due to convenience. *sigh* Perhaps next year I'll be better at that.

I also ordered an extra 10 pounds of beets with hopes of pickling and canning them but not sure when I'm going to have time to that in the next two weeks but suppose I'll just have to find the time. And look at the size of one of them! It's a feast in itself.

Now that the season is over, I'll have to return to thinking about what to purchase and where. Interested in getting your own veggie share next year? Worden Farm membership opens on June 1 for new members and with the organic, natural food movement, jump on the bandwagon early if interested. Don't live in Punta Gorda? Neither do I so Worden Farm offers several drop off points if you can't go to the farm. Pick up locations are located in Sarasota, Nokomis, Venice, Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel and Bonita Springs.


Figuring Out this Online Trading Stuff with Firstrade

In 2008 I promised myself I’d take more control in my financial future by educating myself in stock trading and figuring out how online trading works. But, the procrastinator in me waited until Dec. 31 to open an account and by the time I determined which mutual funds I wanted to invest, the password timed out on me.

Grrr. I was frustrated but logged back into the online broker site and to re-enter information but again it took too long and the site timed out. Third time’s a charm, right? I logged back in, went to the online trading section and the stupid site timed out again! Needless to say, I successfully opened an account but didn’t get into stock trading of any kind.

I’ve been sitting on the money I’m ready to invest, waiting for the best time to jump into the market and I know now is the time. My friends at Firstrade, the source for online stock trading, seems to have a pretty thorough, yet simplified site. It's down and dirty in explaining fees and investing.

Admitting I’m a novice with online trading, Forbes gave Firstrade a decent review especially for cheap trades. An endorsement from Forbes is pretty sweet. As usual, my caveat is I’m not a financial adviser so do your research when looking to invest.