Figuring Out this Online Trading Stuff with Firstrade

In 2008 I promised myself I’d take more control in my financial future by educating myself in stock trading and figuring out how online trading works. But, the procrastinator in me waited until Dec. 31 to open an account and by the time I determined which mutual funds I wanted to invest, the password timed out on me.

Grrr. I was frustrated but logged back into the online broker site and to re-enter information but again it took too long and the site timed out. Third time’s a charm, right? I logged back in, went to the online trading section and the stupid site timed out again! Needless to say, I successfully opened an account but didn’t get into stock trading of any kind.

I’ve been sitting on the money I’m ready to invest, waiting for the best time to jump into the market and I know now is the time. My friends at Firstrade, the source for online stock trading, seems to have a pretty thorough, yet simplified site. It's down and dirty in explaining fees and investing.

Admitting I’m a novice with online trading, Forbes gave Firstrade a decent review especially for cheap trades. An endorsement from Forbes is pretty sweet. As usual, my caveat is I’m not a financial adviser so do your research when looking to invest.


Anonymous said…
A shoebox under the bed might be just as good of an idea
Matthew said…
I've been using Vanguard for years--for funds, not individual stocks. Works great and I've done well (though I was smart enough to pull my money out of all stocks and bonds more than 2 years ago).
jhuber7672 said…
Hmmm, I've heard of good things with Vanguard, too. I need to read my Suze Ormond books before I take another step. It shouldn't be this hard!
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