Saturday, March 03, 2007

Update: S2S 2007

I've told you about my S2S 2007 Trip, which begins over Memorial Day Weekend. Each day I get more excited as I learn something new about the destinations. I've received all of the guides, maps and brochures I've requested and am now planning the trip. I can't WAIT! Have you figured out my destinations?

In preparation for the trip I joined a women's-only gym. I want to morph my voluptuous body into a svelte one. During the application process, I was asked whether I was married or had a boyfriend. WTF??? Why would they ask this? Why is this important? Apparently, many women end up at the gym not by their choice, but because the man in their life wants them to go. Reminds me of some other male-dominated society I've been to.

Rather than blurting out, "No, I'm a freak, there is no man in my life," I replied with, "I'm doing this for me," all the while thinking I'm not letting someone else define who I am.

How Suite It Is!

I recently applied to write for and my application was accepted! I'm very excited about the opportunity to branch out and need to get my butt in gear to get writing. I'm not giving up on AC, just expanding my horizons. I also have decent leads for other writing opportunities. Stay tuned...

Blogsvertise: Is it Like Jazzercise?

Of course that’s a silly question, but in the spirit of Dr. Seuss’s birthday yesterday, I’m still in the rhyming mood. I should have spent today at the gym exercising my body (maybe with a bit of Jazzercise) but I’m home nursing a cold (and drinking lots of orange juice with pulp) and exercising my blogging skills.

I’m branching out with blogging and am trying blogsvertise ( to see if it lives up to expectations. After reviewing the site and Googling it, this is how it works:

Bloggers are paid to write about topics/tasks from assigned Web sites. The blog post doesn't have to endorse the reviewed product or service, just mention it with at least three links to the Web site URL. Obviously, the blog post needs to be relevant to the product/service.

Blogsvertise wants at least two to three paragraphs per post with a minimum word count of 75 words. The blogger has five days to complete the task (OK – when I hear “task” it reminds me of the “Amazing Race.” I know, I digress…) and send the link back to “the system” (it sounds so official!). After 30-days, blogsvertise deposits payment into your PayPal account. The blog post cannot be deleted (or they won’t deposit the dinero). And good thing I didn't take this blog in another direction, blogsvertise doesn't play with adult-themed blogs (aka: PORNO).

I should hear soon whether I'm chosen for the task of blogging about their clients.