Update: S2S 2007

I've told you about my S2S 2007 Trip, which begins over Memorial Day Weekend. Each day I get more excited as I learn something new about the destinations. I've received all of the guides, maps and brochures I've requested and am now planning the trip. I can't WAIT! Have you figured out my destinations?

In preparation for the trip I joined a women's-only gym. I want to morph my voluptuous body into a svelte one. During the application process, I was asked whether I was married or had a boyfriend. WTF??? Why would they ask this? Why is this important? Apparently, many women end up at the gym not by their choice, but because the man in their life wants them to go. Reminds me of some other male-dominated society I've been to.

Rather than blurting out, "No, I'm a freak, there is no man in my life," I replied with, "I'm doing this for me," all the while thinking I'm not letting someone else define who I am.


Anonymous said…
Isn't the only place you haven't been Ulan Bator? :)