Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Night Randomness

On one of the flights back yesterday (thankfully, I was upgraded to first-class for this 3.5 hour leg), I watched the movie "The Break-Up." You know, that movie with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. It's been advertised as a comedy, but I really didn't see much humor in it. In fact, the film left me feeling angry. The flick is filled with anger, yelling and tension while truly demonstrating how men and women communicate, or not communicate. That we women expect men to read our minds and when we say something, we really mean the opposite. And that men in their own way, really do appreciate their mate, but just can't convey that message properly. It didn't have the sugary sweet romantic ending, it had a realistic ending. Enough about that...

Thailand is a place I'd like to visit someday. A few years ago I traveled to Cuba with a group called Cross Cultural Solutions and as any good company does, they keep me on their email distribution list. Today I received one about volunteering in Thailand for two weeks. I'd LOVE to go and spend two weeks immersed in the culture, but right now, I don't think it's possible. I'm suppose to make a trip to Italy (which, I'm still trying to get excited about). But it got me wondering, through fundraising, could I raise $3,000 for that trip the end of 2007? I'll have to mull this over.

Costume crisis solved for tomorrow night. Since it's the Pagan Society with the Humane Society, I'm going as a pagan leapordess; just need to figure out the whole tail thing ;)

Oh! And if you haven't read my recent writing, be sure to check it out here.

Kodak Moments in Vancouver

If you haven't seen the first three images, check them out here.

This sculpture is called, The Raven and the Beast, carved by artist Bill Reid. This is a signature piece at the Museum of Anthropology, located on the University of British Columbia's Campus. I had to taxi it, but it was well worth the visit.

A dude taking a walk along Sunset Beach Park, which is on the English Bay and eventually opens up to the Pacific Ocean. My souvenirs? A couple of stones from the beach.

Salmon was the life blood of the Native Peoples and is still an important part of Vancouver's identity. These cold fish are at the Granville Public Market.

Vancouver Images: Take 1

I will upload images to Ofoto over the weekend, but in the mean time, enjoy these images of Vancouver. The stone sculpture, called Inukshuk, is a symbol in Inuit culture as a navigation marker. This symbol is all around Vancouver; miniature sculptures and pins are sold throughout the city as souvenirs.

This is from within Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Garden, named after the founder of the first Chinese Republic and regular visitor to Vancouver. Calm serenity is found within the walls of the garden, yet, I find the building of the hectic 21st century around the garden ironic.

Hmm! Dried lizard. It's what's for dinner in Chinatown.

When You Gotta Go...

One of the most fascinating things about my 2004 stay in Japan were the toilets. I think it was the variety and how they changed from basic holes in the floor to high-tech machines with techniques to tickle almost all of the senses. It's taken me two years to do so, but I finally wrote a story about peeing in Japan.

My Sleepy Life

After 15 hours in airports, I made it home today. Which got me thinking, I don't enjoy "traveling," but enjoy "travel." Big difference. I now need to adjust back to Eastern Standard Time, which is the reason for this early morning post.

With Halloween around the corner, my sleepy little social calendar is very busy this weekend. I have a "save the breast" birthday party (to raise money for breast cancer awareness) then right afterwards, the local pagan society and local humane society have teamed up to host a costume ball. Yeah, I don't see the connection between the pagans and animals, but maybe that is the connection. I love Halloween, yet haven't figured out WHAT I'm going to wear. Was thinking of updating last year's Princess Pez (pictured below).

Saturday night is a ghost walk in Monticello, Fla., which is suppose to be the most spiritual/haunted place in Florida. More so than St. Augustine and Cassadaga, Fla.

What does everyone else have going on for Halloween?