My Sleepy Life

After 15 hours in airports, I made it home today. Which got me thinking, I don't enjoy "traveling," but enjoy "travel." Big difference. I now need to adjust back to Eastern Standard Time, which is the reason for this early morning post.

With Halloween around the corner, my sleepy little social calendar is very busy this weekend. I have a "save the breast" birthday party (to raise money for breast cancer awareness) then right afterwards, the local pagan society and local humane society have teamed up to host a costume ball. Yeah, I don't see the connection between the pagans and animals, but maybe that is the connection. I love Halloween, yet haven't figured out WHAT I'm going to wear. Was thinking of updating last year's Princess Pez (pictured below).

Saturday night is a ghost walk in Monticello, Fla., which is suppose to be the most spiritual/haunted place in Florida. More so than St. Augustine and Cassadaga, Fla.

What does everyone else have going on for Halloween?


Anonymous said…
Hmmm? Didn't the pagans worship animals? Or was it "sacrifice" animals? Maybe one of those is the connection!
jhuber7672 said…
Yes, I think it has to do with "witches" and "cats." :)