Monday, June 26, 2006

Sometimes I Wanna Scream...

...and this past week, I did a lot of screaming: on several roller coasters and other awesome activities. I spent the week with more than 40 British and Irish travel agents as we explored the Busch Adventure Parks - Sea World, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove, along with other Florida gems.

I had a BLAST (and so did our visitors)!!! From screaming on the Sunshine State's wildest roller coasters to paddling along manatees and lunching and chatting with an astronaut to swimming with a dolphin, it was an incredible week.

Enjoy some images here.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another Writing Contest

Sadly, I did not win the "Wedding Story" contest but the AC site is having another one, Vacation Horror Stories. Although I have had some bad luck while traveling, I wouldn't consider them to be "horrors," with the exception of this story. But I caution you, it's for those with strong stomachs. Rank me high! [click here if you missed the link]

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Traveling This Summer?

I found myself delayed at the Charlotte, NC airport for at least seven hours this past April. Making use of my idle time, I discovered new ways to keep entertained in the airport terminal. Enjoy these tips here.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I've GOT to Stop Surfing

Each time I log onto the Internet, I do so with the intention of conducting research for articles and troll the web for market leads. But, the things called IMs and MySpace end up distracting me and before I know it, it's 11 o'clock.

Tonight I found a cool site, "Draw My Tee." An online collaboration to create a t-shirt with designs from artists throughout the world. Very clever and ingenious way to bring creative spirits together. Wish I was still graphically inclined to contribute.

As for MySpace, well, let's just say I'm building "content" for a story.

What to Ask a Man from Outer Space?

I actually won't be meeting a man from outer space, but will be meeting an astronaut who's BEEN to space next week on a trip to Florida's Space Coast and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (I even have a spot reserved for the July 1 shuttle launch - I'm so excited!! Yup, I'm SUCH a GEEK!)

And what do I ask a person who's been to space? Do I ask:
What's it like sleeping in zero gravity?
How do you go to the bathroom?
Is there wi-fi Internet access?

I briefly met Buzz Aldrin at a book signing many moons ago (pun intended). He said his trip to space was indescribable and he'd like to gather everyone who's made the journey to compare notes. Wonder if that ever happened?

Not sure which astronaut I'll be meeting, but if you have any thoughts on any questions to ask, drop me a line!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The World's a Safer Place Because...

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents in Tallahassee are on top of things. The Tallahassee Regional Airport was closed for a few hours yesterday because a food critic decided to carry on the dangerous mix of honey, "butt rub," an oyster shell and a recording device (returning from a trip to Apalachicola, no less). Perhaps they thought he was MacGyver?

For all the times I've been singled out and searched (along with the molestation of my carry-on), I'm really surprised (and thankful) I haven't shut the airport down. Fortunately, the food critic won't be charged with anything (and why would the thought of charging him with anything cross anyone's mind??!!). I understand that butt rub is kick-ass, but...Read the story from the Tallahassee Democrat, here.

President Bush was able to show up in Iraq today, without incident, and surprise the country's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. The Prez actually looks good, fit and rested. Iraq's new leader didn't know Bush was in Baghdad until two minutes prior to their meeting. Guess Iraq's security is on top of things and there's no need for us to be there any longer. But where was Cheney during this trip? Was he the gunman protecting the Prez?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello, Alberto!

The big news in town today wasn't the fact that the Tallahassee Regional Airport was shut down this morning because a food critic was found to have an "incendiary device." (I'm stilling waiting to find out what the incendiary device was; all the news reported was that he had cameras and recording devices). No, it's that Alberto, the first named tropical storm of the season, is anticipated to hit Florida's Big Bend tomorrow morning and quite possibly, be a Cat 1 hurricane as it makes land fall.

"It's too early to have a hurricane," I've heard people say. Well, yes, historically, but the official start of hurricane season was June 1.

And what I done to get prepared? I have my batteries, radio, candles, water and topped off the fuel tank in my car. My cell phone and Blackberry are fully charged. My canned provisions with opener are waiting.

As I sit and write this, at 8:04 PM EST, the much needed rain is cooling the evening. So cool that I can leave the screen door open to let the breeze in. Let's hope the electricity stays on so I have a choice as to sleep with the air conditioning on or not :)

Florida's Unforgettable Forgotten Coast

I had visitors this weekend. I like having visitors, it forces me to deep clean my apartment and play hostess. Kathy and Matt spent a couple of days with me on their way back from Colonial Williamsburg. They were the first ones to visit me after I moved to Tallahassee last summer. Has a whole year gone by?? Yes, it has.

Saturday, we headed downtown to Tallahassee's market then over to Carrabelle and Apalachicola, Florida's Forgotten Coast. The day included photo ops at the World's Smallest Police Station in Carrabelle, lunch and browsing in Apalachicola and meeting the best (and only) clay potter in Sopchoppy. Enjoy the images of the weekend here.