The World's a Safer Place Because...

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents in Tallahassee are on top of things. The Tallahassee Regional Airport was closed for a few hours yesterday because a food critic decided to carry on the dangerous mix of honey, "butt rub," an oyster shell and a recording device (returning from a trip to Apalachicola, no less). Perhaps they thought he was MacGyver?

For all the times I've been singled out and searched (along with the molestation of my carry-on), I'm really surprised (and thankful) I haven't shut the airport down. Fortunately, the food critic won't be charged with anything (and why would the thought of charging him with anything cross anyone's mind??!!). I understand that butt rub is kick-ass, but...Read the story from the Tallahassee Democrat, here.

President Bush was able to show up in Iraq today, without incident, and surprise the country's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. The Prez actually looks good, fit and rested. Iraq's new leader didn't know Bush was in Baghdad until two minutes prior to their meeting. Guess Iraq's security is on top of things and there's no need for us to be there any longer. But where was Cheney during this trip? Was he the gunman protecting the Prez?


Anonymous said…
Butt Rub? Never heard of it.
Good story, Jenn. Keep it up.
And I loved the photos of your last weekend. What a lovely area.

And yes, President Bush did look good. I pray we can get the hell out of there.

Love you.