Hello, Alberto!

The big news in town today wasn't the fact that the Tallahassee Regional Airport was shut down this morning because a food critic was found to have an "incendiary device." (I'm stilling waiting to find out what the incendiary device was; all the news reported was that he had cameras and recording devices). No, it's that Alberto, the first named tropical storm of the season, is anticipated to hit Florida's Big Bend tomorrow morning and quite possibly, be a Cat 1 hurricane as it makes land fall.

"It's too early to have a hurricane," I've heard people say. Well, yes, historically, but the official start of hurricane season was June 1.

And what I done to get prepared? I have my batteries, radio, candles, water and topped off the fuel tank in my car. My cell phone and Blackberry are fully charged. My canned provisions with opener are waiting.

As I sit and write this, at 8:04 PM EST, the much needed rain is cooling the evening. So cool that I can leave the screen door open to let the breeze in. Let's hope the electricity stays on so I have a choice as to sleep with the air conditioning on or not :)