Monday, June 15, 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane,..No, It's Definitely a Bird!

Tonight was one of those, "Let's grab dinner at Spazzi's" nights with @linbarfield. Spazzi Italian Grill is a tasty little restaurant in Punta Gorda worth visiting over and over again. Take a gander at my eggplant parmigiana, yum!

Getting out of the car and walking towards the restaurant, I was dive-bombed by a mocking bird but didn't notice it until @linbarfield pointed him out and warned me when the bird swooped around and back at me then dive-bombed her.

We giggled a bit into the restaurant and told the servers who also had similar experiences. Fast forward to leaving...

I was armed with my Flip video camera, locked my lens on the angry bird and made our way to our cars. Not sure what happened except I was screaming with laughter as the darn bird swooped down towards my head as I got into my car.

@linbarfield then pointed out there was a bird's nest with baby birds in the bush next to where our cars were parked. (Notice the photo.) I got into her car but when I did, I felt my hair being tussled around and realized it wasn't someone tall, dark and handsome (or tall, fair and handsome) but it was the angry bird!!!

Screaming with more laughter, I took a bit of video of the babies but was afraid the bird was going to attack while sitting in the back of the car. It didn't. But when I was ready to get back into my car, the angry bird was squawking on top of it keeping an eye on me. @linbarfield suggested having a sealed plastic tunnel to get me from her car to my car.

When the angry bird flew to a palm tree, I quickly ran out and hopped into my car without incident but loads of uncontrollable laughter.

Before leaving, I warned a woman who pulled up and was chatting on her cell phone. Not sure if she understood what I was saying but I tried.

So where's the video? Well, in the excitement of being dive-bombed, I must have hit the "off" button because the best part is missing, although the there is some pretty funny footage. I'll try to get something up later this week.