Monday, March 30, 2009

Food, Inc. A Must-see Film for Anyone Who Eats

I'm not joking, EVERYONE needs to see the documentary Food, Inc., which I saw over the weekend during the 11th Annual Sarasota Film Festival. It was only by coincidence that my Saturday in Sarasota began with lunch at Veggie Magic, a raw food, organic restaurant, followed by the film about the contaminated and corrupt food system in the United States. After seeing Food, Inc., I've reached several conclusions:
  • I need to continue buying local AND organic veggies and meat. My farm share from the local organic food ends soon, the farm doesn't harvest during the summer. What's a girl to do?

  • Although I may be purchasing something grown locally and organic doesn't necessarily mean the seed wasn't genetically modified – an organic field could be contaminated just by the breath of Mother Nature blowing unnatural seeds into an organic field.

  • I really need to try and go vegetarian. It was heartbreaking seeing how the non-organic animals were raised. From birth to death, they’re not treated like living creatures. I didn't expect to cry in a movie about food! (Suppose I should've read the movie description, I picked it because the start time fit into my schedule.)

  • No wonder our country is in a financial mess. Big corporations are not only dipping their fingers in Wall Street, their rolling up their sleeves and playing and controlling farming fields across the country.

  • Some food lobbyists are now in contradictory positions of power in D.C.

  • Wal-Mart listens to what consumers want. Really. I'm serious Have you taken a look at your neighborhood Wal-Mart?
We need to wake up and smell the manure coming out of the grocery store, pay attention to labels and demand more natural food. Not GMO (genetically modified organism) or GEO (genetically engineered organism) food and not ones with corn or soy fillers. And, we need to get back to eating chicken, beef, vegetables with blemishes and not just food. Eating something that was engineered to look exactly the same as a million other things is not natural (i.e.: chickens raised to be the same size). Real fruits and vegetables are meant to have blemishes and occasional weird knots. I want to eat a hamburger with the beef from one cow, not a hamburger made with pieces from 1,000 cows.

I often wonder if the food industry could be an avenue for terrorism. Our enemies have the patience that we have no clue about. I especially thought that during the contaminated food from China outbreak. Or, our enemies can be sitting back and taking pleasure in outbreaks such as E. coli and salmonella and hoping we implode soon. I know, the conspiracy theorist is running wild!

But back to Food, Inc.

The documentary will hit theatres this spring but check out the film's Web site for a list of film festivals it’s being screened. The Sarasota Film Festival introduced the Green Cinema Now! this year, a collection of features and shorts surrounding environmental challenges on the local and global scale.

What I Did to Stimulate the Economy Today: March 30, 2009

Monday. *sigh*

The beginning of another week and the Monday following a pay day so of course I stimulated the economy today. I have to say I'm glad I was in a sluggish mood yesterday. Contemplated running out to the store for some canning supplies but the spirit just didn't move me. Today I learned the store I was planning to visit was robbed and evacuated due to a bomb threat at about the time I was planning to shop! Wondering if I'm living in the right 'hood or if these are the sign of the times. The McDonald's been robbed and a woman sitting in her car around the corner from the apartment complex was shot in the face one night. And now I'm seeing and hearing coyotes. Geesh!

But all is well in my domicile, kitty seems to be feeling better and the vet must have sharpened her teeth in addition to cleaning them because they are pointy little suckers now.

Before I tell you how I carried out my patriotic duty, heard one report on the radio stating this economic slump will continue through the end of 2010. Can I continue to live on edge for another 18+ months? I'll have to.

The U.S. economy was the benefactor of my job today and this is how I stimulated it:
  • Lunch @ Chili's
  • Paid the April Rent
What did you do to stimulate the economy?