Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 1: My Trip to D.C. for the Inauguration - Chili Hits the Cold Spot

It's finally here. My trip to D.C. for inauguration weekend. Arriving into D.C. was probably a smart thing to do. My plane was about two-thirds full and I had no problem getting from the airport to the Metro. Getting to my hotel was another thing, but I'm always navigationally challenged so I took the scenic route......just as I took the scenic route to Ben's Chili Bowl to pick up a chili half-smoke, Bill Cosby's favorite. Along with cheese fries and lemon cake. If I was going to be bad, decided to do it right.

The line to get in was INCREDIBLE. I probably waited an hour before ordering, 45 minutes of which were spent outside. Vendors were there hawking everything Obama, ranging from art (which was pretty good) to bottled water and scarves to calendars. Next door at the Historic Lincoln Theatre, was a salute to Barack Obama and Tom Joyner (whom I met in Sept. 2005). Did I miss Obama by not hanging around long enough??? Well, I should be seeing him at Tuesday night's ball.

Once inside, there was a groovy, positive vibe. Not just because it was warm, but the staff was upbeat. They saw the endless line and grooved to the music while preparing chili dogs (and the secret seems to be the French fry grease dumped on the dogs). Their positive vibe was contagious. It was packed in there and the crowd was paitent and everyone was friendly to one another. They even gave out cards saluting Barack Obama, who visited Ben's last weekend.

There's definitely an energy here in D.C., a positive one. It's as though the cloudy, gloomy day is starting to clear. The clouds are beginning to breakup and each day closer to inauguration day is a little brighter and on Jan. 20, look for clear, sunny, and optimistic skies.
Many storefronts, restaurants, and homes display Obama signs and posters. Loads of restaurants are offering inaugural specials all weekend. Locals and travelers to D.C. are wearing Obama apparel including buttons, hats, and scarves.

There's something in the cold, crisp D.C. air (it was 19 Fahrenheit this afternoon) and I'm pretty sure it's hope for our country.

View today's photos over at Flickr by clicking this link.

Ben's Chili Bowl
1213 U Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Tel: 202/667.0909

Using Web Hosting Tutorials to Find the Best Company

I’ve been surfing the Net for more than a decade. Blogging almost four years and prior to that, had another site for at least 2 years, but after all that, I’m still not educated enough to offer web hosting tutorials to anyone looking to find a host. My domains are hosted through GoDaddy, which has made life simple for me, but, it’s time to implement my online plan.

What’s the plan? Well, I’m not saying until launched, wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, but it does involve the need for web hosting. I heard it’s not smart to keep domain URLs registered and web hosting with the same provider and the gal who designed this blog does offer the service (and if her web designs are any indication, I’m sure she’s one of the best web hosting companies). I just need to get off my butt and get a quote from her.

But can I do it myself? I’ve begun to delve into the web hosting tutorials offered by my friends over at Web Hosting Rating, and their site is a wealth of information with useful web hosting articles and tutorials.

Although I’m Web savvy, I’m not THAT tech savvy (just a bit more tech savvy than your average bear) so sifting through the web hosting tutorials is a bit overwhelming for me but digested in small doses, I can make sense of what is being said.

The site’s also a great resource to locate the best web hosting companies. We seem to be obsessed with the “best of the best” and top 10 lists. Over at Web Hosting Rating, you’ll find everything from best blog hosting company to best Unix hosting company.

I’m now making a mental note to stop procrastinating and contact this blog’s designer by the end of the month. Stay tuned!

My Road to the White House (Okay, Just the Presidential Inauguration)

Just as Obama is beginning his journey to D.C. this weekend, I'm beginning my journey, too. Of course, soon-to-be President Obama is making his historic journey via train, beginning in Philadelphia and stopping along the way in Wilmington, Del., and Baltimore. I'm just flying on a jet plane (but if I had the option of hopping aboard Amtrak, I'd done it in a heartbeat).

Flight's boarding, gotta!