Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm Free! I'm Free!

I've been in the Georgia mountains since Sunday attending the Southeast Tourism Society's Marketing College. It's taken me four years to complete the three year program (it's not because I failed a year, it's because I changed jobs, really...) and I'm two steps closer to receiving an accreditation in tourism (which means I can throw some letters at the end of my name).

Today was the last class and I get to go home tomorrow - yippee! I've been sick all week, picked up a cold, sleeping in a dorm where I shiver at night (and this is July mind you, 90 something outside) and the fresh mountain air (aka: allergens) have made my head feel as though it's about to explode. It's a different kind of humidity up here, too. I have quite the Afro going on my head now.

I'll probably be stopping in Macon tomorrow to see the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and was told about a cool cafe to have fried green tomatoes. Guess there are a few things I like about the South.