I'm Free! I'm Free!

I've been in the Georgia mountains since Sunday attending the Southeast Tourism Society's Marketing College. It's taken me four years to complete the three year program (it's not because I failed a year, it's because I changed jobs, really...) and I'm two steps closer to receiving an accreditation in tourism (which means I can throw some letters at the end of my name).

Today was the last class and I get to go home tomorrow - yippee! I've been sick all week, picked up a cold, sleeping in a dorm where I shiver at night (and this is July mind you, 90 something outside) and the fresh mountain air (aka: allergens) have made my head feel as though it's about to explode. It's a different kind of humidity up here, too. I have quite the Afro going on my head now.

I'll probably be stopping in Macon tomorrow to see the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and was told about a cool cafe to have fried green tomatoes. Guess there are a few things I like about the South.


Cordelia said…
Good for you! Everyone has extra degrees than me. :(