Friday, April 13, 2007

Whole New Meaning to Walking in Another Person's Shoes

The office closed up shop around noon today for employee appreciation day. We went bowling! I bowled my highest score ever, a 94. And that round included three strikes! Yup, I'm not a bowler but it was fun.

Amazon Wish List

With my birthday coming up, family and friends ask, "what do you want?" While appreciated, I'm trying to minimize my "stuff level" and only want practical, preferably consumable, things (gift cards for groceries, gas and movies rock!) I know, "where's the fun in that?"

But in the "stuff" category, books seem to take over, so why not add a few more to my collection along with some excellent tunes road trips (yes, I'm not a true geek, I don't have an iPod and the last time I uploaded tunes to my MP3 was in Oct. 2004 for my Japan trip; I still listen to it...) So, I've added an Amazon Wish List button on my site. It looks like the one here. And no, it's not tied to my Amazon Affiliate account, that would be bad.

My Wish List