Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So, What Happens When Blog Stats Jump 1000% Overnight???

It means a whole lotta eyes are watching. No, not this blog but by my Tallahassee blog. Surprisingly, there aren't that many bloggers in the great city of Tally blogging about what there is to do here.

I've gotten noticed by a blog associated with the newspaper, the "Tallahassee Democrat," thanks to Stacey Getz. Apparently others have bookmarked me, too. Not sure how I feel about this...Does this mean I've found my niche???

[Tallahassee spring flowers pictured]

Cool Site of the Week: Penny Postcards

The geek in me collects antique postcards. At flea markets, garage sales, antique shops, I'm the one hunched over the old box of postcards, sifting through and trying to find a bit of nostalgia. I enjoy finding those from places I used to live, primarily the National Parks.

A friend sent this link along for Penny Postcards. Enjoy!