Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pursuing a Dream is Not Far-Fetched

It's amazing how people surprise us with their hidden talents later in life. In high school, I admired friend Julie Pecenco for being incredibly intelligent and quick-witted. We played field hockey together and one of my favorite things she would say, when I would try to be positive was:"we are not cheerleaders!"

She went off to earn her master's degree in engineering and became a hobbyist photographer. I don't know her full story, but she's found her soul mate and photography is now her full-time profession. Her work is incredible. I had no idea she was interested in photography until much later in life. Guess it's ironic, I was the photo junkie in high school and thought that was going to be my profession.

Enjoy her talents and if you need a photographer in Oneonta or pretty much anywhere (I'm sure she'd travel for the right price), think of her.

It's All About Me! Boston's Still On My Mind

Enjoy more images from last month's trip to Boston. Eventually I'll write something up about it.

Since I wrote my article about International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I've had a bit of a salty obsession. Found this bloke in Salem, definitely the strong, silent type.

I'd like to introduce you to the next President of the United States...taken at the JFK Library. Wonderful exhibits - made me cry (but then again, everything seems to make me cry lately!).

And the spices? [Taken from the West India Goods Store in Salem.] Well, I'm just in a spicy, zesty mood :)