Pursuing a Dream is Not Far-Fetched

It's amazing how people surprise us with their hidden talents later in life. In high school, I admired friend Julie Pecenco for being incredibly intelligent and quick-witted. We played field hockey together and one of my favorite things she would say, when I would try to be positive was:"we are not cheerleaders!"

She went off to earn her master's degree in engineering and became a hobbyist photographer. I don't know her full story, but she's found her soul mate and photography is now her full-time profession. Her work is incredible. I had no idea she was interested in photography until much later in life. Guess it's ironic, I was the photo junkie in high school and thought that was going to be my profession.

Enjoy her talents and if you need a photographer in Oneonta or pretty much anywhere (I'm sure she'd travel for the right price), think of her.