Friday, July 07, 2006

What Happens in Vegas...

Despite Las Vegas being overcrowded, commercial and excessive, I love it. It's escapism at its finest.

Their tourism office recently came up with an excellent way for visitors to have a really good time, incognito. Visitors to this website: Be Anyone in Vegas can create their own identity, including business cards, background profile, telephone number and website.

Who will I be on my next visit to Vegas? According to the parameters I entered, my name is Ginger, a double-agent from Kansas. Is that clicking I hear on my phone??

Seeing Double Vision in Tally

Tomorrow, Double Vision Pictures will begin filming the feature film called, "Finding a Good Man." The production company is co-owned and co-operated by the multi-talented Cassandra Henderson.

Cassie's "day job" is with the same organization I work. I'm not sure if others in the office are aware of her accomplishments outside the workplace. She also owns Po Folk Productions, another film production company. She's young, driven and following her dream. You go girl!

One of my office buddies has a key role in the film, too. Playing mother of the lead character. Brenda, this may be your big break. Remember me on the red carpet.

Last Weekend's Trip to the Kennedy Space Center

Pictures speak a thousand words, so enjoy:

Another Minute Ticks Off My 15 Minutes of Fame

This year I'm showing up in all sorts of media! (But my favorite - for this year - is being shown on the English-language news station in Kabul, that's going to be a difficult one to top).

Imagine my surprise today when I opened the weekly E-Newsletter of Associated Content, the online content site I contribute to, and see that I'm the featured "CP" (Content Producer) this week. Best of all, the newsletter is about "space." (Can I say it enough, "yup, I'm a geek!")

Read the newsletter here and enjoy!