Thursday, April 27, 2006

How Did They Find Me??

When I graduated from SUNY Brockport way back when, I must have been injected with a tracking device during one of those college nights. You know, like a micro-chip.

In more than three years (and four or five different addresses), I haven't officially changed my address with the alumni office, yet, they seem to track me down. Both via phone and postal mail. Guess when money is involved (solicitation of donations), people will do anything.

AC: 2; iTravelSyndicate: 0

Last month I wrote how I was working on getting more of my writing published. Well, I've experimented with two outlets, Associated Content and iTravelSyndicate. AC is winning the lead with paid work. Read my latest

Wrinkles Are In!

When I worked in Yellowstone - well over 10 years ago - we front desk clerks had a supervisor who loathed wrinkles. Keeping 100% polyester skirts wrinkle-free was an ongoing chore. Besides, who packs an iron with them to Yellowstone National Park? I mean, I needed room for my sleeping bag, tent, camera, water bottle and other camping and hiking necessities. Whenever I was scolded, I'd mumble to my friend Madge, "wrinkles are in."

I went shopping this week and picked up a blouse, slightly wrinkly, and read the tag. It read, "the creased effect." Is this how wrinkles have passed into mainstream fashion? It's not a wrinkle, but a "crease."

Then what are these little lines around my eyes? Laugh creases???