Wrinkles Are In!

When I worked in Yellowstone - well over 10 years ago - we front desk clerks had a supervisor who loathed wrinkles. Keeping 100% polyester skirts wrinkle-free was an ongoing chore. Besides, who packs an iron with them to Yellowstone National Park? I mean, I needed room for my sleeping bag, tent, camera, water bottle and other camping and hiking necessities. Whenever I was scolded, I'd mumble to my friend Madge, "wrinkles are in."

I went shopping this week and picked up a blouse, slightly wrinkly, and read the tag. It read, "the creased effect." Is this how wrinkles have passed into mainstream fashion? It's not a wrinkle, but a "crease."

Then what are these little lines around my eyes? Laugh creases???