Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Images from the Weekend

In addition to coming up with a totally BRILLIANT idea (yet to be revealed), I did get to experience a bit of Sarasota this past weekend. Here are a few images:

I just LOVE my friend, Matt's house. He has a terrific sense of style - this is his living room. Wonder what he could do with my quirky, cluttered apartment? Hmmm...

Saturday morning was off to the Downtown Sarasota Farmer's Market. It's really grown (pun intended?) since I was there last. On this particular Saturday, an art show was happening. Didn't visit - which was probably good for my pocketbook.

And Saturday afternoon was the quest to "experience" the Amish and Mennonite life for a story I'm working on. Yes, I was lost but found myself again.

And the Next Trip Abroad Is...

Costa Rica. It's not really considered "abroad," is it? It's a country that's been on my radar for the past couple of years and today I was speaking with a travel agent and somehow we veered off Florida to discuss Costa Rica. Plus, this month's "Travel & Leisure" has it as one of its featured destinations - so maybe it's a sign (and you KNOW how I've been listening to signs of late).

I'm trying to make the trip as "economical" as possible and am able to use minimal miles to get there. I'm giving myself one week to plan out an itinerary - lodging and activities and if I can't do it in the budget I set, well, guess I'll have to postpone the journey.

So for now, no Burning Man this year but Costa Rica, here I come (maybe).