Images from the Weekend

In addition to coming up with a totally BRILLIANT idea (yet to be revealed), I did get to experience a bit of Sarasota this past weekend. Here are a few images:

I just LOVE my friend, Matt's house. He has a terrific sense of style - this is his living room. Wonder what he could do with my quirky, cluttered apartment? Hmmm...

Saturday morning was off to the Downtown Sarasota Farmer's Market. It's really grown (pun intended?) since I was there last. On this particular Saturday, an art show was happening. Didn't visit - which was probably good for my pocketbook.

And Saturday afternoon was the quest to "experience" the Amish and Mennonite life for a story I'm working on. Yes, I was lost but found myself again.


Anonymous said…
OK, this is starting to get just plain freaky. I read this post of yours earlier this week, admiring the photo your friend's house - thinking I'd never seen a living room that cool in Sarasota. So, then I go along with my daily life and end up meeting up with an acquaintence to talk about work. We got along really well so he invited me to an event yesterday. I met him at his house, and while he took a shower, I looked around. And suddenly, I'm standing at the entrance to his living going "This is the room. This is the room from her blog." So, he gets out of the shower, and I go "Do you know someone from Tallahasee who recently visited you?" What a microscopic world!