Thursday, December 01, 2005

Do Real Men Write Notes?

Do they? I realize that note writing is a lost art, almost obliterated by the onset and convenience of the Internet. Especially the art of writing thank you notes.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my (postal) mailbox today to find a hand written note from my friend's husband (well, he's a friend, too). It was a PROPER thank you for cooking and hosting Thanksgiving dinner last week. And, it was more than a sentence or two, actually, a few paragraphs. Now, don't think he's a girlie-man; he served a tour in Vietnam and is a successful handyman.

Am I the only one who's impressed?

You're Overdue in Cleaning Your Laundry When...

...You need to scrape to the bottom of your lingerie drawer to pull out your "granny panties." It's not that I wear thongs or g-strings (or are those the same?), but I believe in practical and comfortable with a dash of fun. God, hope no one from work reads this today...