Sunday, July 03, 2005

How I Didn't Burn My Toe With a Potato

OK, I burnt my big toe on a potato yesterday, here are ways I DID NOT do it:

1. Trying to impress my new neighbors, I used it as a hacky sack to play with the kids.
2. Out of boredom, drop-kicked it to see if I could score 2 points.
3. Always wanting to be part of the circus, I thought juggling potatoes with my feet would get my foot in the door.
4. Preparing for the worse, I was practicing cooking with my feet in case my arms were ever amputated (thanks, Zelda Mae for that one).

In reality, I was cooking with barefeet, went to cut a potato on my plate, the plate slipped and the potato dropped on my foot (although within the 10 second rule, I threw it away, after cursing at it). Moral of the story, always wear closed-toed shoes in the kitchen. OSHA would approve.

The Lay of the Land

There are so many things I SHOULD be doing right now - unpacking, putting things away, (formal) writing, but I'm not. Thought I'd share what I've done over the past couple of days, other than get frustrated with "service providers."

I went to the downtown farmer's market yesterday and signed up for a photo walk through the Apalachicola National Forest. Thought this would be a good way to meet people and get out and do something productive. The hike is two weeks from day. Downside is that the group meets at 6 am and I am not a morning person. I just need to find my camera.

I then took a ride to Havana, Fla. Quaint little downtown area made up of antique shops. Had lunch at a "girly" cafe called Tomato-something and after drinking my sweet tea, took a slice of red velvet cake with me. I've never had red velvet cake and it won't be my choice of desserts again. It's very pretty, though.

Being so close to the Georgia border, I ventured over the line for cheaper gas ($2.11 per gallon) and rode Hwy. 27 north for a while. I should have held out for the $2.06 gas! It was nice to be driving hilly landscape again. The skies opened up to rain and I returned home for more unpacking and laundry.

Tuesday night I plan to take a beginner Middle Eastern Dance class at the Y (yes, belly dancing). Should be fun...