How I Didn't Burn My Toe With a Potato

OK, I burnt my big toe on a potato yesterday, here are ways I DID NOT do it:

1. Trying to impress my new neighbors, I used it as a hacky sack to play with the kids.
2. Out of boredom, drop-kicked it to see if I could score 2 points.
3. Always wanting to be part of the circus, I thought juggling potatoes with my feet would get my foot in the door.
4. Preparing for the worse, I was practicing cooking with my feet in case my arms were ever amputated (thanks, Zelda Mae for that one).

In reality, I was cooking with barefeet, went to cut a potato on my plate, the plate slipped and the potato dropped on my foot (although within the 10 second rule, I threw it away, after cursing at it). Moral of the story, always wear closed-toed shoes in the kitchen. OSHA would approve.