Sunday, March 29, 2009

What I Did to Stimulate the Economy Today: March 29, 2009

This is the first time in a long time that I did not spend ANY money today. I think of it as working on stimulating my savings account. I had a most enjoyable leisurely day cleaning (can't believe my cat has any fur left considering what I vacuumed today) and writing/blogging. I wrote a review of the opening night film for the Sarasota Film Festival, The Messenger over at Suite101, wrote an article for AC but who knows when that will be published, and a sponsored blog post for a "friend of mine."

Tell me, did you carry out your patriotic duty in stimulating the economy today?

Academic Awards, Soccer Trophies, What Else is in Your Closet?

I received a photo this week of my brother, niece and nephew displaying huge trophies which remind me of the academic awards and trophies I’ve collected over the years. I appreciate them and consider them more than dust magnets. They’re tangible mementos of specific accomplishments. I appreciate them and I know other trophy receives who are, too. Those trophies just happen to live in a box in the closet.

I'm pretty sure those who received the golf trophies during the week-long golf media familiarization trip my county participated in last year appreciated them. And, can’t forget the children. My niece and nephew recently received trophies for karate and wonder if they’ll soon earn soccer trophies or even academic awards. Not only are they amazingly bright kids but they're talented on the athletic field, ice rink and dance studio (my niece is, anyway).

As the name implies, my new friends at Trophie Sales are a resource for trophies of all types. From academic awards to soccer trophies. They even sell all sorts of golf trophies – like cups and resins - which I’ll be sharing the link with the office to consider for next year’s golf media event. It’s never too late to start planning ahead. Oh, the nostalgia this has raised ! Excuse me, time to dig out and admire my trophies…