Friday, March 13, 2009

What I Did to Stimulate the Economy Today: March 13, 2009

Today was payday which meant I was able to really stimulate the economy. But before I list how I exercised my patriotic duty, just want to lament about the day. It started off fabulously by attending media day for the Florida International Air Show which is next weekend. Later in the day reality and associated fear finally kicked in with potentially losing my job.

The county began the first in a series of budget workshops and it appears as though most of the elected officials want to cut out middle management which is where is my position is. I had written a much longer post about this but opted to edit my thoughts and not publicly share them but will say I took away this:
  • There's an "us" and "them" issue going on. Citizens seem to think it's them against government and elected officials seem to think it's them sticking up for the citizens against government staff and civil servants. But does anyone remember government staff and civil servants are citizens, too? We're all in the same boat.
  • There seems to be a lot of anger and hostility which perhaps stems from misinformation and not knowing the facts.
All I ask: If I'm going to be let go, let me know before I need to renew my lease (really soon) so my cat and I can make plans to run away to Oregon to live in a yurt and expand my writing, blogging, and marketing business. Can I get WiFi in a yurt?

And this is how I stimulated the economy today:
  • Starbucks - Green Tea Frappuccino
  • Lunch @ Subway + tip
  • New Clothing from a Trip to the Mall (I'll be live tweeting during the Sarasota Film Festival later this month with V.I.P. access so need to look fab, visiting the gym tomorrow.)
  • Paid: Cell Phone, Credit Cards (only one still has a balance), and Water Bills
How did you stimulate the economy?

FUI: Flying Under the Influence

My office is on the fifth floor and is primarily of glass. This week I noticed the birds, especially the crows, were a bit more active. They sat, squawked, and pecked at the windows. I was able to get nose-to-beak with at least one with only a piece of glass separating us.

The bird pictured had something in its beak, looked like a piece of chicken to me - but wouldn't that be cannibalism or plain old carnivorous?

"They're drunk on berries," I was told. Apparently a phenomenon in Southwest Florida this time of year when birds eat tree berries that have been sitting in the warming sun fermenting. This explains their loopy, uncharacteristic friendly behavior.

But hey, it's Spring Break and everyone's allowed to get a little crazy.