Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No Longer a Grasshopper, I’m Planning Ahead, at Least Trying

Life insurance. It’s necessary and helps you find it. Why am I talking about life insurance? Well, it’s finally clicked with me that my spontaneous habits and refusing to exorcise the gypsy from me. (Although, being a gypsy isn’t necessarily a bad thing.) I’m a grasshopper. You know, that story about the grasshopper who played all summer while the ants were busy bees preparing for winter. Come winter, the grasshopper didn’t have anything.

This year has opened my eyes to many things, including life insurance. It’s never too soon to plan but where to begin? Some employers make it easy to purchase life insurance (or some include it as their package). The other option is to find an insurance provider, which is where my friends over at come into play.

Rather than searching the Web looking and visiting individual life insurance sites, is an aggregate site where users input their basic stats and request a quote. What turns up is a list with monthly premium prices. If you like what you see, request a quote and the respective insurance company gets back in touch with you. How simple is that?Enclosed is a screen shot from I filled out the form, sans my contact info – which is not required – but with my smoking habits, height, weight (ugh), age and where I live. It took less than 10 seconds to do this. Everyone has 10 seconds! Okay, back to research…