Sunday, October 26, 2008

Video of Sean Hannity from Today's Gov. Sarah Palin Event Posted

Sean Hannity was at today's event, check out the video I took over on YouTube. And excuse my video ignorance, it starts automatically. I hate when videos start automatically!

Sarah! Campaiged in Tampa Bay, Again

Sorry for the quick post, but I'm working on creating a slide show of the Sarah Palin event in Tampa today. I know, I know. I vowed earlier this month I'd never attend another rally. But, like a politician, or a woman, I changed my mind because I knew I could make it. My day began at 5 a.m. but well worth it.

Enjoy a couple of these shots and I'll post a slide show when done. And yes, I was THAT close.
Edited at 11:20 p.m.: Okay, here's a link to a slide show, please check it out! No matter what your position, I'm proud of my citizen photojournalism skills :) And, every click counts, times are tough, you know...