Friday, October 03, 2008

Got Palin Tickets? I Do

I felt like I was entering enemy territory when walking into the Republican Party of Florida Charlotte County office today (2171 Tamiami Trail) to pick up the free tickets to see Gov. Sarah Palin in Ft. Myers on Monday. I'm a registered Democrat and was afraid I'd be denied tickets but then I realized, I'm the type of person the Republicans want to win over.

Everyone was so nice and best of all, there wasn't a line (see the "line" for tickets above, taken around 9:45 a.m.). Watching the news last night, it seemed these tickets were a hot commodity and was afraid I wouldn't be able to pick some up. I even heard rumors these free tickets were being sold!

So yes, I'm planning on seeing what Gov. Sarah Palin has to say but now I need to figure out how I'm going to take time off Monday afternoon. And if I can manage to do that, I know PhilZ would be really proud.