Thursday, September 04, 2008

Car Payment Kitty

When did having a cat get so expensive? I took my kitty to the veterinary tonight for her vaccinations. I ended up dropping more than $300 on her! I love her but she's a cat. I probably don't spend that much in a year for myself in medical expenses.

Growing up, we had cats that lived outside and I don't think they ever saw the inside of a vet's office.

Glad I don't have any car payments for awhile. At least I paid to keep her purring running. And in the end, I know she's worth it.

Florida: Are We Gettin' Ready to Roll? 'Tis Hurricane Season

With Hannah, Ike and Josephine churning in the Atlantic, Florida's getting ready for something. Ike looks like a big, bad beast and is appropriately named, I mean, another infamous "Ike" who was a bad-ass in a very bad way was Ike Tuner.

Stay tuned, I may be "reporting" from within a locked down building within a week's time frame.