Sunday, August 17, 2008

Will I Get a Snow Day This Week?

Thanks to Tropical Storm Fay, my trip to Orlando for a conference was canceled today. Understandable. But rather than seeing the Blue Man Group tomorrow night, I'll be hoping my blue tarp doesn't have to be used. (Not sure why I purchased a tarp during my trip to Wal-Mart this afternoon; since I was picking up water, a flashlight and crackers, thought I may as well throw a tarp in with my provisions.)

TS Fay is anticipated to become a hurricane when it makes landfall (right now, landfall is anticipated for Tuesday afternoon).

The work plan is to go into the office tomorrow (I'll be bringing my cat to work - this'll be fun) then spend the duration of the storm at a friend's house until the worst of it is over.

The photo is a view from my lanai. You can see some clouds but I'm sure tomorrow will be gray, rainy and windy. Stay tuned.