Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buh-Bye Dorm Futon, Hello Modern Furniture

Is it time to ditch the college dorm-type furniture for grownup, Modern Furniture? My friend ZeldaMae thinks so. Today is my 3-month anniversary in the new job and new digs and when ZeldaMae helped me move in (which she said was the last time she'd help me move), she convinced me I need to focus on getting a nice piece of furniture. My dream? An excessive, buttery-soft, red leather sofa.

To help me achieve this acquisition of Modern Furniture, ZeldaMae found a photo of a red leather sofa in some random newspaper insert. She instructed me to post it in plain view so I could visualize it then work towards making the vision reality. But, I have commitment-phobia. Like getting married (again) or buying a house, purchasing a nice, big piece of Modern Furniture means I'd be financially committed for a period of time and will have to think about moving it wherever I move next (from an apartment to something I own).


Acquiring a gorgeous piece of Modern Furniture is a big step so I ask you. Take a look at my comfortable futon, there's nothing wrong with it, is there?